Learning Never Tasted So Good! Expand your palate and learn about the brewing process, the craft beer industry and so much more from the beer makers themselves! Enjoy two Educational Seminars per tastings. Samples are provided with each seminar.

Education Seminars are located in the Foundation Room, located on the floor level outside of The Exchange Restaurant near the staircase. Just follow the signs!

Friday, June 24th Evening Tasting

Innis & Gunn 7:30 – 8:00 pm
Granville Islands 8:30 – 9:00 pm

Saturday, June 25 Matinee Tasting

BC Brewers Guild 1:30 – 2:00 pm
Mill St. 2:30 – 3:00 pm

Saturday, June 25 Evening Tasting

Manitoba Brewer’s Association 7:30 – 8:00 pm
Brewsters 8:30 – 9:00 pm

Friday, June 24th Evening Tasting

Innis & Gunn 7:30-8:00 pm

Robin, Prud’homme certified Beer Sommelier, will discuss the history of Innis & Gunn’s brewery, specialization in oak maturation and their innovation over the years to meet demand for oak aged beers! Learn about the brewing process with raw ingredients and the additional step Innis & Gunn takes with oak maturation. How oak/barrel maturation works and what flavours oak can impart.

Sample Innis & Gunn’s Original, and bottle conditioned Vintage. Handouts and a bottle opener included!

Robin Gregory

Robin Gregory – Business Development Manager/Brand Ambassador for Canada. Prud’homme certified Beer Sommelier.

Granville Island 8:30-9:00 pm

Cheese and crackers… the perfect pairing? Did you know that beer is essentially a “liquid” cracker? Join Tina Wolfe, Certified Cicerone® of Granville Island Brewing to explore the details of crafting different beer styles, and learn how to create the ideal cheese pairing. Beer and cheese samples will be enjoyed during the session.

Sample Granville Island Brewing Hey Day Hefeweizen and Granville Island Brewing English Bay Pale Ale.

Tina Wolfe has nearly two decades experience in the industry working with numerous breweries and learning from brew masters across Canada. As a Certified Cicerone® she shares a real passion for beer, food and education. An avid traveler, Tina often plans vacations around beer-centric cities such as San Diego, Portland, and Munich (for Oktoberfest, of course).

Tina Wolfe

Tina Wolfe, Channel Marketing Manager/ Certified Cicerone®

Saturday, June 25 Matinee Tasting

BC Brewers Guild 1:30-2:00 pm

A Brewery on every corner – The Story of Vancouver’s Craft Beer Explosion

Ken Beattie, Executive Director, British Columbia Craft Brewers Guild will discuss how Vancouver has grown with respect to brewery expansion and the rapid pace of growth specifically since 2012. Also, the concerns and challenges regarding the fast growth of breweries in Vancouver but also how craft breweries can pull communities together.

Sample beers from Parallel 49 Brewing & Steamworks Brewery

Ken’s passion for the beer industry began in British Columbia in 1987 when he was hired as a summer student. Ken has now spent nearly 30 years in the beer community in British Columbia in various sales management roles with 2 breweries.

In 2012 Ken combined his passion, experience and evolution in the beer industry to pursue his entrepreneurial desire by owning his own company, Eureka Beer Guide, www.eurekabeergude.com. Ken conducts beer education seminars that have something to offer everyone from the beer enthusiast to the hospitality professional. This opportunity empowers Ken to combine his love of beer, his industry experience and his leadership skills to both industry and non- industry beer enthusiasts.
As of July 2013, Ken is the Executive Director of the British Columbia Craft Brewers Guild, which represents over 70 of the 110 plus, owned and operated craft breweries and brewpubs in BC. These artisans produce and promote premium hand crafted beers that are truly BC and showcase their talents to the world.

Ken Beattie, Executive Director, British Columbia Craft Brewers Guild Photo credit –Amanda Siebert

Mill St. 2:30 – 3:00 pm

Thomas Harty, Reginal Brand Manager for Mill Street Brewery will introduce tasters to the world of organic beers.

  • What exactly makes and Organic Lager and how it differs from conventional beers?
  • What types of special ingredients go into the Organic Lagers?
  • How long does it take to produce an Organic beer opposed to conventional beers?
  • Who certifies our beer and who determines the standards?

Sample Original Organic Lager and 100th Meridian Amber Organic Lager

Thomas is currently the Reginal Brand Manager for Mill Street Brewery. His journey began in the Hospitality business in the late 90s, in Calgary, Alberta. In a career that spans over almost 20 years,
Thomas has had the pleasure of seeing many different trends that have moved across the country; from the late nights closing kitchens, creating cocktail menus and eventually leading to his Sommelier training. As the craft beer movement continues to grow nationwide, Thomas will continue to hone his Cicerone training and skills, while continuing to bring a unique and informative beer experience to the ever expanding beer market.

Thomas Harty

Thomas Harty, Reginal Brand Manager for Mill Street Brewery

Saturday, June 25th Evening Tasting

Manitoba Brewer’s Association 7:30-8:00 pm

Meet Your Locals!

Hosted by David Rudge, President of Manitoba Brewers Association

It’s been 10 Years since the last brewery opened in Manitoba. This year, there are no less than 10 new breweries in the works for the province. What changed, who is involved, where will they be located, when are they targeting to be open? All these questions and more will be answered by the brewers and founders of the new wave of Manitoba’s independent craft brewers. A specially brewed collaboration cask will be served during the session. Cheers!

David Rudge

David Rudge, President of Manitoba Brewers Association

Brewsters 8:30-9:00 pm

Don McDonald will tell the story of Brewsters , one of the craft beer pioneers in Alberta to their recent expansion to Manitoba. Also, learn about their beer, Honest Paul IPA.

Sample Honest Paul IPA

Don McDonald

Don McDonald, Director of Sales for Brewsters Brewing Company